YachtLink Cook Book

Yachtlink Cookbook the one source fast access cookbook designed for your galley and personalized to suit your Tastes An electronic cookbook designed for Yacht Chefs, allows the chefs to retrieve their recipes at the touch of a button. It also allows chefs to have access to all their recipes from one source. Chefs will save time when looking for particular recipes. A chef will always want to add recipes to, or mark their favorite recipes in their personal cookbook and with Yachtlink Cookbook they'll be able to do just that.

Yachtlink Cookbook can be installed on your personal laptop making it easily portable. This convenience is favorable among yacht chefs. No longer will a chef have to transport a Library of cookbooks when traveling is required. It also eliminates the awkward and bulkiness when trying to plan a meal.

Recipes can be typed in or scanned in. Photos of prepared dishes may be scanned in or input with the digital camera. This maybe easily done by the chef or this service is available through Yachtlink Engineering. Any or all hardware can be provided through Yachtlink Engineering.